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User Guide

1) Register an account
In order to earn points and enter into rewards you must register an account with a CORRECT email address. If you win a reward then instructions to claim your reward will be sent to your email address. If your email is incorrect then you may lose your reward. We will only send instructions to the registered email on account.
2) How to earn Loyalty Fan Points
All Fans points can be earned from the "Earn" tab by completing surveys. Location permission is required for surveys to work. You MUST however check in EVERY DAY in order to unlock all Surveys and in return we will reward you with fan points. The 24hr timer will start until you can check in again. Premium Members who sign up, will earn double points (x2) on all surveys and you will NOT need to watch any adverts to unlock any app features meaning you will earn more points faster increasing your chances of winning more rewards. Make sure you are following our XBet Fans Telegram channel here where we post exclusive rewards and Air Drops loaded with FREE points for user to redeem.
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3) Completing Surveys
You can complete surveys and earn fan points once you have checked in. The survey will list the points on offer and lenght of the surveys. Surveys are only available in certain countries and languages so please check our FAQs in the app to learn which countries and languages are supported. Location permission is required and try to use an approximate location rather than a precise one to get more surveys. Important note: please ensure you answer Surveys accurately as if you select any random answer then the survey publisher will ban your IP from receiving any surveys and therefore you will not be able to complete any more surveys or earn any points from surveys. Once you are banned there is no unbanning. If you country is not supported with Surveys you can still earn points via the quizzes, Air Drops and even through Premium Membership.
4) How to Submit Loyalty Fan Points into Prize Rewards
You can submit your loyalty fan points to as many active rewards as you wish under the "Rewards" tab by clicking the submit button, this will open a submission box where you will see how many Loyalty Fan points you have and where you can submit those points. Once you submit your points, the totals in your account and on the reward will be updated accordingly. The more points you submit to a reward the better your winning chances. You can check your winning chance either by clicking into the reward or clicking "details" button. This will show you all the entries submitted into the reward along with their winning chances. Whilst most rewards will be open to Everyone, some rewards will be by Invite only and this will marked on the reward in which case you must have the code from the host who invited you to the reward. If you don't have the invite code then you cannot submit points to the reward. Once a rewards timer finishes, the reward will no longer be available for submission and the status will change to "Awaiting Winner". View number 7 below reward statuses for more information.
5) What is the "Predict the Score" Competition and how do I enter
Predict the Score is a simple fun competition where users have to predict the final score in a particular game. In order to submit your prediction score you may need certain fan points in your account to enter which will be stated on the competition. If you don't have enough fan points then you will need to earn enough to enter so we always suggest you leave some fan points in your account. Once you click submit, enter the required number of fan points then enter the home and away score. Once you submit your score prediction, you CANNOT change or edit your score. No more submissions will be allowed 5mins before kick off so its important you get your score predictions submitted before the timer runs out. 
Important Note: Only your own prediction will be shown to you...but all other users predictions will be hidden until the final score is confirmed. This is done to make it fair for everyone. Once the final score is confirmed the app wil
l reveal everyone's predictions and show the winner based on who guessed the correct score. If there is 2 or more users who guessed correctly then the person who entered their score FIRST WILL WIN. If no one predicts correctly then there will be no winner. 
5) How to increase your chances of winning more rewards
There are a many ways you can increase your chances of winning more rewards. Ultimately the goal is to earn more points so you can submit more points to the rewards increasing your chance of winning. Here some ways to consistently earn more points every day.
Check in EVERYDAY and earn your daily check in and bonus fan point. Set an alarm to check in every day at a specific time so you don't miss out.
2) Once you checked in complete surveys to earn more points. Premium members will earn double on all surveys successfully completed.

3) Keep an eye out for our exclusive Fan Air Drops
4) Keep app notifications ON as Air Drops will also be sent via a push notification
5) Sign up to one our low priced premium memberships within the app where you will earn double points (x2) on all surveys.
6) How does the app pick a winner for a reward
When a reward ends, our clever algorithm randomly picks a winner. Firstly, the algorithm calculates the winning chance (in %) for each person that submitted points in the reward. The winning chance represents the number of times each person appears in a set of 100 based on the points they have submitted so the more points you submit the higher your chances will be for you to be picked in the top 100. Our algorithm will then pick a group of 10 users from the 100, from the group of10 users, the system then picks a group of 7, out of the 7 the system then picks 4 users and finally selects 1 as the winner making the winner as random as possible. Even someone with lower chance of winning has a chance to win in order to make this random and fair as possible. A good example is like buying a lottery ticket the more lottery tickets you buy covering more combinations the higher your chance of winning the lottery as simple as that. 
7) How to check if you won a reward
There are many places you can check to see if you are winner of a reward.
1) "Winners" tab where all winners will be listed in order of winning the latest prize.
2) in My profile under "Rewards Won" - this will show you all the rewards you have won.
3) When a reward ends, the winner will be shown on the f
ront card and you can also click the details and then total entries...the winner of the award will also be listed at the top of the list.
4) Finally, an email will be sent to the winner providing instructions of how you can claim your prize
so its important your email is correct.  Its also important to check your junk as sometimes our email . 

8) What are reward statuses
1) Everyone - Reward is open to everyone to enter points
2) Invite Only - Y
ou must have a code given to you by host who invited you to the reward these will mainly be for "Predict the Score" Competitions
3) Awaiting Winner - The system is calculating and checking the winner and this can take up to 2hours to process so please be patientYou cannot submit to this competition anymore
4) 🏆 
Name - The winners name is announced on the competition and listed in the winners tab
XBet Fans Surveys for Rewards and prizes!
XBet Fans is a unique Football/Soccer Fans loyalty reward app that gives back to all our XBet Edge and XBet Track fans. Earn Fan points and enter them into some cool football/soccer based giveaways, rewards and prizes. The more points you enter the better your chance of winning.
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